What to Expect

Our classes are designed to be fun and friendly as well as offering the opportunity for you to learn with your dog.  They are mostly held outdoors, in Buckingham or surrounding areas, as this provides a realistic environment in which to learn. 

LOCATION: For more details on each location please visit our Contact Us for postcode and instructions. 


For you: Most classes take place outside on grass so appropriate clothing is recommended, along with closed-toe shoes - even on very hot days. 

For your dog: Harness (if you have one), collar and a lead (we do not recommend retractable leads or short leads). Ideally, a double ended Halti lead is a good option. 


All the usual items you would take on a dog walk, including poo bags and high value treats (depending on how food orientated your dog is). The less they value food, the higher the treat value will need to be, for example, most labradors will work for kibble or simple dog treats, other dogs might only work for chicken or cheese. 

We would recommend that you limit or miss your dog's meal before your training class so that your dog isn't full up when you then ask them to respond to you for a treat.


If you cannot make the session for any reason, please drop me an email or text Kimberly so we know not to expect you. 

If the class is cancelled for any reason by KCDT, such as bad weather, we will aim to contact you at least two hours before the start of the class on the mobile number you have provided with your booking.