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Behaviour Issues and 1:1 Training

Kimberly is a highly experienced canine behaviourist. She has 15 years experience training dogs that have challenging issues.

We offer a comprehensive service to assist customers with a variety of behavioural concerns, including fears and phobias and aggressive issues that may make daily living a difficult experience for you and your dog. 


She will work with you and your dog on an individual level and provide you with the recipe to start to develop more positive behaviours and tackle the problems you face by helping you understand your dog better and enhance your relationship with your dog.

Group 1:1s

Group 1:1s cannot be booked at the moment


Would you like to train your dog with a friend? Do you walk your dogs together but experience issues with rough play or recall?  Maybe you live close by but they dogs dislike each other and you want to walk together. 


Whether its behavioural issues or just basic training, Kimberly offers private group sessions for up to 4 people to train their dogs together. 


To find out more or book a group session, please get in touch using the form below or email us direct:

1:1 sessions address all the issues below and many more. 

Anxieties, fears, nervousness, obsessive behaviour

Food aggression, resource guarding, mouthing & biting

Dog-on-dog aggression, over excitement and rough play


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