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Diane & Winnie

"I just had to tell you we went to Ashridge today and I had Winnie on the lead and she scented something and was too strong for me to hold!  I let her off and next thing there was a herd of deer running free, obviously what she had scented, I called her and she came straight back to me I was so proud of her and so grateful to you for her recall training.  What a good dog"

Lisa & Binky

"I didn't think it was possible, but Kimberly Cox has made me love my puppy even more than I did already. Her group sessions are excellent, providing great strategies and tips, along with a support group of fellow dog owners, all wanting better behaved canine companions. The  one to one sessions have proved invaluable, trouble shooting specific issues in the environments relevant to us. Kimberly’s patience is incredible and she makes me walk taller, thanks to her encouragement, praticle advice and amazing tuition! I can’t praise her enough"

Lisa & Luna

"Please pass a huge thank you to Kimberly for today! I knew she would be, but she was fantastic! I only wish we lived closer to do more with her but if she’ll have us back, we’ll keep an eye out for more workshops."

Hannah and Stella

I wanted to pass on a huge thanks to Kimberly...I walked Byron & Stella together with no issues yesterday or today! I’m so delighted.  

I’m continuing to work on my/our homework....she checks in with me proactively now regularly.

Have Stella off-lead now where I can & so far all good *touch wood here*!


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