Our classes are designed to be fun, relaxed and friendly, whilst still teaching your and your dog valuable life skills and techniques to develop your beloved pet into a happy, balanced dog.  


Our classes mostly take place outdoors so that you and your dog can learn in a realistic environment. However, in winter, we do use indoor venues, because no one learns when they are cold and wet!

You can start your puppy's training at 8 weeks, before they are fully vaccinated with our Pre-Puppy School Classes which are run in collaboration with Windmill Vets (although you do not have to be a client of theirs to take part in the course).

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated and ready to socialise you can join our Puppy Life Skills Classes which are the foundation for all future training courses and workshops with Kimberly and will give your puppy a great start.

You can continue obedience training with Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Classes or choose to start you dog on Fun Gun Dog Classes. We also offer Recall, Walking to Heel, In-Town Obedience Classes and Social Training Walks all designed to ensure you have a happy, balanced family pet.

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Puppy Pre-School

Kimberly Cox and Windmill Vets are delighted to  collaborate and deliver a fantastic course to benefit your puppy's education from its first vaccination.

This course is aimed at puppies between 8-12 weeks, a crucial time for learning to take place, to get your puppy off to a fantastic start in its emotional development.

Kick-start your puppies education and exposure early whilst learning crucial life skills covering common topics which many pet owners need help with early on, such as: biting, appropriate toys, other pet interactions, children interactions, home boundaries and preventing problems before they start, including guarding.

Classes take place at The Barn, Leckhamstead
 on a Monday evening at 6pm from 21st September. 

The course is 4 weeks long and you can join at any point or attend as many classes as you wish. 

Book all 4 sessions - £50 your puppy must start the course the week of their first vaccination to do this.

Book 3 sessions - £40

Book 2 sessions - £30

Book 1 session - £15

Email Us to Book Your Place

There must be 2 puppies booked on each session to run. 

The follow-on course to Puppy Pre-School is Puppy Life Skills


Obedience/Life Skills

Our obedience or Life Skills classes are perfect for taking your puppy on its journey from learning its first skills, such as sit, wait and leave to reliable recall, appropriate play and a distance stop. 

Start with Puppy Life Skills, from as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated and ready to socialise. 

You can then move into Junior Life Skills, this can take place immediately after Puppy Life Skills or a few months later, but we recommend that both are completed in your puppy's first year. 

From here you can choose Adult Life Skills at any point in your dog's life. Customers often choose the course just to polish their dog's obedience skills and learn even more advanced training techniques.

Classes are designed to be friendly, fun and realistic, as well as offering comprehensive, relevant content.

Fun Gun Dog

Our Fun Gun Dog classes are great for high-energy, active/working breeds, who enjoy playing with toys or have a natural retrieving/searching instinct.

Gun dog training is a perfect for building a strong, positive relationship with your dog in a fun, supportive and safe environment, learning: Whistle control, chase control, off-lead control (recall), retrieving skills, search & find, and distance control. ​

You can start with Beginner Gun Dog classes or an Intro to Gun Dog Workshop, then move onto Intermediate Gun Dog and finish with Advanced Gun Dog, which can be repeated as many time as you like to continue to develop your dog's gun dog skills.



We are pleased to announce that we can offer a new type of class - Scentwork. 


In these classes you can introduce your dog to a fun new activity which engages its incredible sense of smell. You'll work as a team with your dog and build up the levels over the weeks, with ongoing challenges and levels of competence. 


This class is brilliant for dogs that enjoy using their nose but don’t retrieve or don't enjoy gun dog activities. 

The video opposite gives you a snapshot into one of our Beginner Scentwork classes in action. We also offer Intermediate Scentwork and Advanced Scentwork classes as well as focused workshops. 

Kimberly is an accredited level 2 Scentwork UK trainer.



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