Harness - Embarl.jpg

We recommend a harness which has the following features: 

Y-shaped front for comfort

Front and back lead clips

Handle fitting across your dog's back. 

Embark | Mokcci | ThinkPet

are all brands which make harnesses with the features above. 

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Halti Lead.jpg

We recommend a lead which has the following features: 


Clips at both ends

Several rings along its length  


 makes this type of lead in varying colours and thicknesses. 

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We recommend a long line for recall training


5 metre (small /light dogs)

10 metre (larger dogs)

Handle at one end

Strong material but not the type that will cut your hands  

There are lots on the market to choose from. 

Kimberly also stocks some in her van so ask her if you want to buy one at classes.