Our workshops focus on a specific area of obedience and training. In the same way as our classes, they are designed to be fun, relaxed and friendly, whilst still teaching your and your dog valuable life skills and techniques to develop your beloved pet into a happy, balanced dog.  


Workshops mostly take place outdoors so that you and your dog can learn in a realistic environment. However, specialist workshops, such as Obedience Around Horses and Scent Work always take place in an indoor venue.

Our beginner workshops such as Introduction to Fun Gun Dog and Ultimate Recall can be attended at any time of your dog's development, once they are fully vaccinated. Other workshops such as Social Walking can only be attended by dogs that Kimberly has met and who have completed either a 1:1 or Puppy Life Skills

Social Training Walks

Do you want your dog to enjoy the company of other dogs without getting over excited or anxious? 

Do you want to be able to walk your dog without them always approaching other dogs without your consent? Do you want to practice your recall and off-lead work in the comfort of a group with Kimberly on-hand to guide you?

If so, this social walking workshop is for you. 

In a controlled manner, up to 6 dogs will be walked together, on or off lead to experience the social aspect of walking together and improve their interaction skills with other dogs. 

You must have completed Puppy Life Skills, an Ultimate Recall Workshop or 1:1 before you can join Social Training Walks. If in doubt, please email us.

Social Walks take place on Wednesdays (from 10am) and Saturdays (from 11am)


Recall & Off-Lead

Recall is one of our client's biggest challenges.

It can sometimes be daunting to let your puppy or dog off lead for the first time, and absolutely frightening if they get out of sight or won't come back.


Our Ultimate Recall Workshops are designed to give you the skills and techniques to ensure a reliable recall whatever the distraction, dogs, birds, people, balls or bicycles, and many more. 


Obedience Around Horses

Horse attacks from dogs is on the rise and even if your dog just barks or gets too close to horses, they risk getting kicked and damaging themselves as well as the horse and rider. This workshop is designed to help you increase the control and focus around the distraction of horses.

During this workshop you will be able to build on the skills you need to control your dog around the distraction of horses in a real-life environment. You will work your dog around horses during the workshop, but we will start with the basics and work-up to passing a horse and rider trotting past you and your dog.



Further Life Skills

Further Life Skills is a great way to develop your dog's coordination, balance and confidence as well as being mentally stimulating. It will also help to build a close relationship with your dog and help you to maintain focus on you (and therefore their ability to be directed away from distractions such as other dogs or people).

The sessions involve lots of obstacles and challenges which you will work on with your dog. It will improve self control, obedience and fitness. It's all great for building your dog's confidence and ability to handle obstacles they come across on a walk, narrow gaps, styles etc.


Coming Soon

Loose Lead Walking

Does your dog pull or walk faster than your comfortable pace? Do you use the lead to hang onto your dog, relying on it for control?


If so, our loose lead walking workshop will help you. It will teach youhow to encourage your dog to walk beside you and be confident at loose-lead walking. We will give you the recipe for teaching your dog to walk reliably by your side in a controlled manner.